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As a most welcome surprise amongst Viktor’s archives, we came upon an old INVENTORY BOOK, in which Viktor has registered meticulously the so-called ‘ikons’ (driftwood hatches) he painted between April 4th 1964 and July 17th 1970 (mentioning numbers, titles, dimensions and dates).

The numbering of the ‘ikons’ in the inventory book is corresponding exactly with the large numbers mentioned by Viktor at the backside of each of the ‘ikons’. With the help of this inventory book we know how many ‘ikons’ Viktor made (about 700) and consequently we know how many and which of the ‘ikons’ we are still looking for.

About the different ways of numbering (“Avoid Fixation” as Viktor would put it): The inventory book starts on April 4th 1964 and during more than 2 years, until May 15th 1966 Viktor registers the ‘ikons’ like 1, 2, 3 etc. till nr 333.

Since May 15th 1966 the numbering starts with a 3 (for 3rd year). So 3 point 1 (3.1), 3.2, etc.. till and included nr 3.50 (‘Please admit one Elephant’, date 18 October 1966).

After October 18th 1966 the ‘ikons’ are numbered only by date. The first one (Dec. 5th ’66) is recorded as 5 XII 1966 and the very last ‘ikon’ mentioned in the inventory book is from July 17th 1970: 17 VII 1970. Afterwards Viktor’s ‘ikons’ have no number, but only a date or a year or no indication at the backside at all.

The following list of ‘ikons’ is made up of old slides and old photographs from Viktor’s own archives and of new photographs taken by our photographer Ole Eshuis.

The data are from the inventory book and recent inspection and measurements.

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