The ‘RUNES’ of Bulgar Finn

by Anne Marie Huibregtse

Around 1975 a sign appeared on the ship, saying 'Bulgarian Women's Club'. This was the prelude to a new passion of Viktor's. He imagined that his family originated from a remote area in Eastern Europe. Maps and encyclopedias were consulted and the New York son of immigrants with his lively imagination conjured up a past, which made his straight descent from the old Bulgarians crystal clear.

From that moment on he called himself Bulgar Finn and most people have known him under the name of Bulgar.
This Bulgarian past went with a fascination with runes, the Nordic alphabet, which he used to paint countless panels and boards in clear colors with simple words, such as TAK, BREAD, YES, CHOCOLATE or EVERYTHING. In the same way he also made measuring sticks and pieces of wood with cheerfully colored arrows.

Bulgar made less Ikons and also the number of Logbook pages decreased.

Everything became art
Art and life coincided for Viktor IV.
Everything Viktor could lay his hands on or crossed his path was either painted, decorated or transformed and was given a new life amongst his bizarre menage. This included also animals and constantly varying young women who got mixed up with him on his boat.
They got a number or a new name. Viktor's Danish wife, Elisabeth Munck, who contributed enormously to his work, was renamed Ina.

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