Selection of publications

1965 VICTOR 4. CATALOGUE ONE. '4' PAINTINGS . (Publication under Viktor's own control)
1977 'Who needs the Pacific Ocean', Viktor IV and the Second Quality Construction Company . Text Ad Petersen. Published by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 620
1986 The Time is Always Now (a collection of texts, letters and drawings by Viktor IV on the development of the Bulgar Time watches). Published by Art Expo Danmark. ISBN 82-29-12638-6
1988 Viktor IV . Texts by Ad Petersen, Ina Munck, Ed Kienholz et al. Published by Meulenhoff/Landshoff & The Second Quality Construction Company. ISBN 90-290- 8145-7
1998 Viktor IV, envelopes . Text by Ina Elisabeth Munck. Published by Brøndum, Copenhagen, in collaboration with the Postmuseum. ISBN 87-89985-41-9
2005 Viktor IV, Who needs the Pacific Ocean. Published by Gallery Tavi, Skagen (DK), Also a publication of postcards in a booklet, from which they could be torn out
2006 Viktor IV, The Logbooks of the ship Henry David Thoreau (cover with 20 loose-leaf reproductions of logbookpages). Texts by Ina Munck. (Publication under control of Ina Munck)
no year XXXXIV Logbook pages, Viktor IV . Published by Brøndum, Copenhagen. ISBN 87.89985.00.1
2013 Viktor IV, An American in Amsterdam. Text by Ina Munck. Published by KleArt, Odense, Denmark. ISBN 978-87-92750-08-2