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Goal of the Viktor IV Foundation
The goal of the Viktor IV Foundation is to promote Viktor IV's work and to make his work accessible by:
- making an inventory of his work.
- compiling and having published of an extensive monograph.
- organizing exhibitions of the work of Viktor IV.
- involvement with the conservation and management of the inheritance of Viktor IV. At the moment the inheritance is in Copenhagen with Ina Munck. It is her intention to find a permanent storage space in Amsterdam, where after all Viktor's work was made. An important goal therefore is to find a depot and archive room. Not until then the inheritance can be properly ordered and catalogued.

What has the Foundation achieved so far and what are the plans for the future?
- The Foundation has begun an inventory of Viktor IV's work, consisting of an estimated 700 'Ikons' and more than 5000 logbookpages. The Foundation gathers data of the works such as title, size, technique, owner and whereabouts.
- Lately sketch- and notebooks by Viktor IV have been found, which are now being examined and made accessible.
- A website has been composed. A financial contribution from the 'De Gijselaar-Hintzenfonds' has made this possible.
- A draft for a new monograph has been made.
- A folder about the Foundation is in preparation.
- Many people and organizations have been contacted regarding sponsoring.
- A part of the inheritance has been brought back to the Netherlands for being catalogued and digitized.
- The Foundation has formulated its policy, which is available on request.

How can you help the Foundation?
- By financially supporting the Foundation.
- By giving advice or suggestions about relevant funds.
- By suggesting possible archive- or storage space and/or locations for exhibitions.
- By bringing the Foundation in contact with owners of Viktor's work, especially owners of 'Ikons'.

Your support is being highly appreciated.

The board of the foundation consists of:
- Kees Huibregtse, emeritus professor University of Amsterdam, chairman
- Anne Marie Huibregtse - Kraaijenhagen, secretary
- Tom M. Voshol, director Voshol & Partners, treasurer
- Ina Munck, widow of Viktor IV, member
- Ad Petersen, former head curator of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, member

- The DVD of the film 'Who Needs The Pacific Ocean?' (1981)
This film by August Louisson Barrier brings us back in time to the '70s, to the life on board of Viktor IV and Ina Munck. Price: 25 euro (not including forwarding-charges).
- The book 'The Time Is Always Now' about Viktor IV's fascination with time and the development of his watches, compiled by Evan Frederiksen and Peter Thomsen and published by Art Expo Danmark, 1968. ISBN 82-29-12638-6. Price: 30 euro ( not including forwarding-charges). The book is still available.
- The book 'Viktor IV, An American in Amsterdam' 2013. Text by Ina Munck. Published by KleArt, Odense, Denmark. ISBN 978-87-92750-08-2. Price: 35 euro ( not including forwarding-charges).

This website was composed by board members of the Viktor IV Foundation. Most of the photo material came from Viktor IV's own archives, administered by Ina Munck in Copenhagen.

The composers of the website would like to apologize for not having been able to trace the names of all photographers. Since March 2009 photos of 'Ikons' are made by Ole Eshuis by order of the Foundation.

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